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Aug 27 2009

Erez Restaurant – Nachlieli 28, Yemenite Vineyard

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Erez, an authentic Yemenite restaurant, is kosher and amazing. What food! It’s hard to walk through the area and not be drawn to the amazing aromas of Yemenite soup, rice and meatballs. Sooo good! You feel like Grandma Tziona cooked a Shabbat meal and gave it to everyone. And my choice of the word “gave” is not coincidental. The prices are ridiculous, and you almost feel uncomfortable. My wife and I have never paid more than NIS 70 for both of us! We were stuffed. They offer salads, pita bread, hummus, tehini, moussaka, meatballs, rice and vegetables, beans, soup and much, much more. Any combination you try will be cheap…

Don’t expect comfort and a beautiful décor. The tables are simple, both inside and outside, it’s narrow, the silverware is placed in the middle of the table, there’s noise from the customers, the kitchen and the staff and there’s a mishmash of smells. That’s its charm. It feels like home, combined with a warm, hearty eastern aroma. It’s not a place for a date or romance – just go there to eat.

Don’t miss the Yemenite soup and rice with meatballs.

Enjoy and save some for me…

Erez Restaurant
Address: Nachlieli 28, Yemenite Vineyard, Tel Aviv

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