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Aug 27 2009

Everything Starts at Rothschild’s Kitchen

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Last Friday, when I got home at 7:00 A.M. after yet another crazy night out, I remembered that only a few hours prior I’d been at Rothschild’s Kitchen, with a bottle of white wine (Chardonnay – really good!) thinking to myself, “How fun, another calm night in the city.” Calm – yeah right. Though the place is like a café/bar/relaxed restaurant, with a great menu and beautiful décor, under the surface lies the hidden potential for a lot of alcohol, a young, dynamic atmosphere, a young, professional staff, fresh air and a fantastic location.

I should note that it’s good to know one of the staff members or owners, because then you get surprise chasers…

Like I said – everything starts at Rothschild’s Kitchen… and ends somewhere in the early hours of the morning…

רוטשילד'ס קיטשן

Rothschild’s Kitchen
Address: Rothschild 73, Tel Aviv
Phone Number: 03-525-7171

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Aug 27 2009

Feel Like a Tourist in Tel Aviv – A Day at the Beach and Café Amy’s

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Sometimes I want to feel like a tourist in my own city, and the truth is that the momentary sense of unfamiliarity that I feel in my most natural and banal surroundings is exactly what I need when I crave excitement.

That’s what happened last weekend when I took a towel and a friend to the beach near the Opera Tower. Yeah, it’s not the best beach in Tel Aviv, but there are lots of tourists there who make you see the city through their eyes. Well, we didn’t actually talk to them, but we did listen, and listening to people on vacation is enough to feel a bit of a vacation vibe.

Later, when we were too hungry to think straight we found ourselves at Amy’s, on the corner of Allenby and HaYarkon streets. The place was packed full of tourists and we were the only Israelis there. What can I say? Awesome! Not only did we feel like we were abroad, the prices were reminiscent of India and Sinai, rather than Paris. We ate a huge gnocchi dish for NIS 25 and had two glasses of lambrusco for the price of one (two for NIS 18).

The cab drivers might screw over the tourists in Tel Aviv, but feel like the snooty restaurants on Rothschild screw the locals.

Café Amy’s
Address: HaYarkon 52, on the corner of Allenby 7

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Jul 19 2009

Va’ad Habayit – New Bar on Rothschild Street

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a nice, cozy bar on Rothschild Boulevard. So, two months ago (or maybe more, but only then was it brought to my attention) one opened, where Aharoni’s old Ying Yang restaurant used to be – a few feet away from Bezalel Yaffe.
The three times I’ve been there – one time being in the middle of the week – the place was packed. The middle of the week was more my style, because at 10:30 P.M. I was still able to snag a chair that was free (I later realized that I’d grabbed someone’s seat, but he was a gentleman and let me enjoy it). There are two rooms with two bars, a large one and a small one and a nice balcony as well. There’s also a room with a billiards/snooker table (I’ve never been able to tell the difference).

Someone who may be been one of the owners – because I see him every time I’m there – is the amazing Guy, from Survivor. And yes, Bar Rafaeli was spotted there a few times…

If you want to eat they have all sorts of fajitas and sandwiches that they order from an outside place – there’s no kitchen or cooking here, heaven forbid!
There are nachos that are perfect for the munchies that hit after two and a half drinks… and good vibes. And who needs more than that?

Va’ad Habayit Bar
Rothschild 64 St., Tel Aviv

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