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Aug 27 2009

HaMitbachon – Home Cooked Food Near the Carmel Market

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What single male or female doesn’t know that feeling on Friday night, when you’re sick of snooty dishes in garlic and butter sauce and just want a home cooked meal that will make your tummy happy and will send you home to your couch to pat your stomach and mutter, “Why did I eat so much….?”

Last Friday I felt that way, plus I was starving after a three-hour afternoon nap.

Then a friend remembered HaMitbachon. She didn’t really remember – it’s always on her mind and she suggested that we go.

We invited another “homeless” friend and headed towards the market. We snagged the table on the balcony, which was great, though the fan didn’t quite reach us. We didn’t let the heat get to us and started ordering…

A finely chopped Arab salad, beets and bread for starters. Meat couscous, meatballs and Friday night chicken for entrees.

Accompanied by beer and white wine (have I mentioned that I need to get my liver examined?), it was excellent and exactly what I needed on a Friday night.

It didn’t prevent me from going home to eat my mother’s excellent food the following day, but definitely hit the spot that night…

Address: Rabbi Akiva 18, on the corner of Gedera Street, Tel Aviv
Phone Number: 03-516-3689

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