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Aug 24 2009

Shalvata – Restaurant and Bar at the Tel Aviv Port

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A restaurant and bar right on the water, at the Tel Aviv port, with one of the nicest views in town.

During the summer months, we suggest starting your evenings at Shalvata – sitting at the bar and enjoying the sunset. Just relax and enjoy…

The Shalvata is comprised of a number of bars that are spread out and linked by couches, chairs, umbrellas and a dance floor.

It opens in the morning and offers a diverse food and alcohol menu, so that you can come for the food while enjoying a drink and the pleasant background music at any time of day or night.

Shalvata also hosts private parties and business functions.

Address: Tel Aviv Port
Phone Number: 03-544-1279
Sunday-Friday: 9:00 A.M. until the last customer

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Aug 22 2009

Shablul Club – Live Shows at the Tel Aviv Port

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Hidden somewhere among all of the hangars, parking lots, bars and stores at the Tel Aviv port, you can find a unique bar with live shows – Shablul Club.

The place is small and cozy and features a bar, tables and small dance floor next to the stage. When you’re there you feel like the music is being played especially for you…

Shablul offers mainly live jazz shows, integrating additional musical styles such as Latin, Israeli and blues.

The best of Israel’s musicians perform at Shablul, alongside lesser known artists and bands. Alon Oliarchik, the Blues Messengers, Rami Kleinstein, Mazzy Cohen, Koby Recht, Gidi Gov and many others have performed at Shablul. Some nights feature new, original music while others feature tributes to bands and musicians from Israel and around the world.

There is a different live show every night, and entrance fees vary. You can check out the list of upcoming performances on their Web site: http://www.shabluljazz.com/

Shablul Club Address: Hangar 13, Tel Aviv Port
Phone Number: 03-546-1891

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Aug 22 2009

The Kibbutz at the Port – A Bar with a Kibbutz Vibe

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The Kibbutz at the Port – A Bar with a Kibbutz Vibe (both in terms of music and alcohol prices).

For all those who moved from the kibbutz or moshav to Tel Aviv and miss the haystacks, mats, Israeli music and old-school beer and tequila prices – come quick to “Kibbutz at the Port” – a huge space that features large wooden tables, mats, a huge, spacious bar and lots of other surprises…

For an inconsequential entrance fee (NIS 10-20) you’ll be able to enjoy food and alcohol at ridiculously low prices: Vodka Red Bull for NIS 16, half a liter of beer for NIS 18, etc.

And while you’re reaping and sowing, Israeli music – including Kaveret, HaYehudim and others – will be playing in the background. The only thing missing is the old Givatron band breaking out into song and dance amid the haystacks, though you can catch their music videos on the TVs at the bar.

There are a number of other cool things at the bar, including a John Deere tractor, a pool table, televisions with Playstations and hookah pipes. Maybe in the future they’ll even have cow-milking stations and then it’d be just perfect…

The friendly staff wears kibbutz-style clothing and the clientele is mixed, with a relaxed vibe. The breeze from the sea adds to the bar’s laidback atmosphere.

So put on a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt and come enjoy the cheap alcohol and kibbutz vibes that you’d almost forgotten…

Kibbutz at the Port BarAddress: HaTa’arucha 3, Tel Aviv Port

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Aug 14 2009

Yulia- Bistro Style Restaurant at the Namal

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An elegant dining experience with a bistro style menu at the Old Port of Tel Aviv – The Namal .

Breakfast 9:00 – 12:30
Business lunch – Sunday to Thursday – 12:30 – 5:30 PM
Dinner: 5:30 – 10:30 PM
Night discount 10:30 PM – 01:00 AM

Yulia – Bistro Style Restaurant – Namal Tel Aviv
1 Yordey Hasira St. Hangar 2 Tel Aviv

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