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Aug 27 2009

Shay and Dror – Home Cooked Food – Levinstein Tower

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You’ve probably noticed the phenomenon but haven’t realized that it is actually a phenomenon.

“Office Restaurants” are located in business districts and usually offer business lunches with home-style dishes or salads and basics like schnitzel, chicken breast and other things that don’t require a certified chef.

Lots of these places offer cheap, kosher food… The kind that appeals to everyone, so anyone can eat there every day…

Unlike other restaurants, when office workers go home, the restaurant employees go home as well.

My “office restaurant” is hybrid of a café and restaurant – it’s on the ground floor of the Levinstein tower, in the building’s backyard. In a place that has seen various owners, the past year it has been home to a nice restaurant, with even nicer owners, and a generous, smiling staff. The restaurant is called “Shay and Dror,” after its owners. To those who work in the tower and go out to eat in the heat or rain – don’t!

They really have everything…

They have salads, schnitzel, chicken, hamburgers, pasta and even “special” dishes on occasion. The crown jewel – and my favorite dish – is the salmon skewer. I swear it’s better than those served at the expensive restaurants I’ve eaten at…

Regarding desserts – they recently started selling someone’s homemade cakes and cookies, and the brownies they have are incredible!!!!

The prices are reasonable, the service is great (though slow at times…) and you don’t have to step outside.

For smokers, there’s a backyard, so you can merge lunch and a cigarette break…


Shay and Dror
Address: Derech Menachem Begin 23, Levinstein Tower

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