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Aug 22 2009

Shablul Club – Live Shows at the Tel Aviv Port

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Hidden somewhere among all of the hangars, parking lots, bars and stores at the Tel Aviv port, you can find a unique bar with live shows – Shablul Club.

The place is small and cozy and features a bar, tables and small dance floor next to the stage. When you’re there you feel like the music is being played especially for you…

Shablul offers mainly live jazz shows, integrating additional musical styles such as Latin, Israeli and blues.

The best of Israel’s musicians perform at Shablul, alongside lesser known artists and bands. Alon Oliarchik, the Blues Messengers, Rami Kleinstein, Mazzy Cohen, Koby Recht, Gidi Gov and many others have performed at Shablul. Some nights feature new, original music while others feature tributes to bands and musicians from Israel and around the world.

There is a different live show every night, and entrance fees vary. You can check out the list of upcoming performances on their Web site: http://www.shabluljazz.com/

Shablul Club Address: Hangar 13, Tel Aviv Port
Phone Number: 03-546-1891

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