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Jul 19 2009

The New Nanutchka, Lillenblum Street, Tel Aviv

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Who ever thought there’d come a day where they’d close the doors to this splendid establishment… Well, it didn’t exactly close but it did switch locations, twenty meters up on Lillenblum (Lillenblum 30), on the ruins of the Uzi Bach and who knows what other places… The charm of the old place was that it was little, people had to crowd together, climbed on the bar, and there was a limit to how many people could get in.

The DJ had a tiny booth in the corner, making it difficult for revelers to come make suggestions (which was a good thing), and the DJ could look at the crowd from above to determine which way the vodka fumes were blowing.
And then the owner/municipality/contractor came and decided to kick Nana out of the building. The place moved to a new location, but that’s not the only thing that changed.

I went there yesterday, after hearing the sensational news that Danny Sidess would be DJing. I think that he is the perfect DJ for that place; he always has been.

The place is huge! The restaurant area is much bigger than it was, and was full of patrons. You actually have to walk through it to get to the bar area. The bar is also huge, and there is even another floor, which was hosting a private party at the time.
The DJ booth has moved down, and is near the kitchen, so all orders and waiters pass by it… What can I say… The vibe has changed… It’s still fun and nice for a Friday night.

The clientele was fine until it looked like they’d unloaded a bus full of tourists… At any rate it’s a big place that needs to be filled…
The staff is amazing and has been with the place for years.
It’s safe to assume that I’ll be back at some point, but it’s no longer Nanutchka. It’s the New Nanutchka

New Nanutchka
Lillenblum 30
Phone: 03-516-2254

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Jul 19 2009

Lima Lima Lounge Bar, Lillenblum Tel Aviv

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If you’re a fan of the show “The Time Tunnel,” head to Lima Lima when you have a chance. A few weeks ago I ended up there with friends, for a friend of a friend of a friend’s show… What I discovered was both weird and fascinating! A small, excited crowd danced do the beats of a cool jazz band that played happy, hopping Charleston music. Some of the people seemed prepared – girls wore skirts from the 1920s, had their hair combed down and had never-ending smiles.

The boys wore hats and pants reminiscent of that era. This wasn’t a costume party. They really meant to dress that way and come to the show. Their dance moves were fast, professional and couldn’t be imitated. The mood was electrifying and I almost found myself joining the lively dancing (I just didn’t have a hat…). In short – time travel.

As a person who goes out mainly to house and electro bars, this was an eye-opening experience. This city has everything, for everyone. And the Lima Lima gives you a chance to peek at different musical styles that you’re not used to hearing and seeing around town.
The place has a small dance floor, couches, tables and a cozy corner bar. There are Spanish elements intertwined in the decor, and the atmosphere is pleasant and intimate. There’s also a really nice, spacious garden in the back, with a bar, couches and fountains. A true pleasure in the summer.

During the week there are different lines that incorporate special shows, cool musical ensembles, different DJs and a great crowd. Get updates from different nightlife Web sites and check who’s performing. You should clear your schedule and make time for a good show at Lima Lima. You can also host private parties there.
So whoever’s looking for something different, or just a nice garden to sit and drink in, this is the place.

Lima Lima – Lounge Bar
Lillenblum 42
Phone: 03-560-0924
Open every night

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Jul 19 2009

Abraxas bar, Lilienblum 40 St., Tel Aviv

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Okay, so I think that this place has been written about, praised, criticized and revered so many times in recent years that it seems like there’s nothing to say.
But there is. The fact that it’s still around – alive and kicking – after so many years, in a city where establishments of this kind close every day and each is replaced by two new ones, is amazing in itself.

Last Sunday I decided to get some air. Weekends in the city are hard when the summer rolls around because it’s packed full of visitors, as well as residents who have awoken from their winter slumber. In other words, its crowded here. Crowded.
So I got to Abraxas and was happy to find that there are still performances on Sunday nights. And ahead of the show Eddie played fun music that went well with beer.

The place was packed – happy people, music lovers, and by no means “youngsters.”
The musical ensemble that played was called Oxygen – they make electronic music and kind of reminded me of Faithless, and there was also video art. So it was visually and audibly pleasing! From there I went on to The Cat and Dog, but that’s an entirely different story…

Abraxas bar
Lilienblum 40 St., Tel Aviv

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