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Jul 19 2009

Maxim Club, King George 38, Tel Aviv

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Good Morning Tel Aviv!!! Welcome to one of the oldest and most successful house and electro clubs in the city (a reincarnation of the legendary “Fetish” club); walking down the dark stairs into a black, magical hole you feel the vibrations of the bass throughout your entire body. The place is not recommended for the faint of heart – it is a lethal mix of all ages, genders and colors, with the best house in town, all of which create a relaxed, sexy and boundless atmosphere.

The perennial resident DJs – Iliya and Ravid Yehoshua – have been in the booth for years and welcome the best DJs from Israel and around the world. What amazing sound and music! Exciting!

Don’t expect fancy interior design, the lack of which might actually be the place’s charm. People come for the atmosphere and the music; not to see a beautiful place and not to see and be seen. Just dive in, clear your mind and forget for a few hours any and all problems that await outside the club door. Within a few minutes of your entry, you couldn’t care less about the décor. The next few hours hours will be spent with your eyes closed or looking up at the ceiling (or at God, thanking Him for getting you to this point…)

The club is comprised of a long, curved bar, a dance floor on all sides of the bar, a DJ booth and a number of dark, lewd corners, where you can find people asleep or very alert, resting, making out, or those who simply couldn’t find their way back to the dance floor.
Braver folks should frequent the club on Fridays. The place only fills up after 2 A.M. and clears out way after sunrise.
To sum up – if you like house, this is the best place in town. It’s a club for people who really want to have a good time and clear their heads without having to worry about their looks or who you’ll see.

And another thing – I met my wife there!!! It may be hard to believe, but amid the dark mess, we found each other, and quickly realized that it was not by chance. Have fun and clear your schedule for the following Saturday.

Maxim Club, King George 48
Thursday, Friday – Midnight to Sunrise

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