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Aug 27 2009

Hummus Asli, Dizengoff 338

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As a result of the recession that hit recently, here is a recommendation for a very, very tasty, inexpensive and satiating Saturday morning breakfast.

Every few weeks, my wife and I go to Hummus Asli on Saturday morning to enjoy a calorie-rich meal.

They offer amazing hummus (you can add an egg, cowpeas, mushrooms, etc), Jachnun, excellent Kube, chopped salad, eggs, pickles… it’s amazing.

And when you get the bill, you feel kind of bad – just NIS 60-70 for a couple, and that was when we splurged and got a Coke.

So this Saturday, wake up, drink a cup of coffee and head over to Asli. We’ll save you a spot.

Hummus Asli
Address: Dizengoff 338, Tel Aviv

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