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Aug 27 2009

DECA Restaurant, HaTa’asiya 10

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When you turn onto HaTa’asiyah Street (adjacent to HaMasger) it’s hard to figure out the link between the neglected industrial zone and the rave recommendations I got for the kosher, elegant (meaning expensive!!!) restaurant located there.

But the minute the door closes behind you, everything falls into place. The noise from the street is replaced by a pleasant, well-lit, quiet, intimate and elegant space.

The non-meat menu (with Mediterranean influences) is based on fish, pasta and specialty dishes, and they offer an array of boutique wines. Among the recommended dishes are fish falafel, pumpkin carpaccio and various fresh fish, all of which are served by a very pleasant, professional staff. Don’t miss the bread, pastas and desserts – made on the premises, as the restaurant has a bakery and confectionery.

In addition to the tables spread out in the spacious restaurant, there is a long bar, a yard and private room that can accommodate up to 30 people. The restaurant is also available for private parties that can host up to 150 people.

For those of us with the cash to spend, don’t miss out on this restaurant! The relaxed, elegant atmosphere and varied menu, which is surprising and rich, will make you come back again and again.

DECA Restaurant
Address: HaTa’asiya 10
Phone Number: 03-562-9900

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