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Aug 24 2009

Barzilay Club – A Unique Part of the Tel Aviv Nightlife Landscape

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The Barzilay is a unique and original club, and much different than the other house clubs in Tel Aviv, offering electronic performances by artists and DJs from Israel and around the world.

The club also hosts live performances by Israel’s best artists, including Eran Tzur, Assaf Amdursky, Berry Sakharof, Rita, HaDag Nahash, Mercedes Band, Izabo, Geva Alon, Rockfour, Ninet Tayeb, Asaf Avidan and others.

The Barzilay is comprised of a large open space, and its excellent light and sound systems make it one of the best clubs in Tel Aviv.

Check out the club’s Web site (http://www.barzilayclub.com/) each week for updates on upcoming performances – you’ll always find some surprises.

This year the club is celebrating its third anniversary at its new location and is planning many parties and performances to mark this special occasion. Don’t miss it!

Here is an example of one of the performances at the Barzilay in recent years:

Barzilay Club
Address: HaRechev 13, Tel Aviv

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