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Jul 19 2009

Clara – Summer Bar, Tel Aviv

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If there’s a place that sums up Tel Aviv’s nightlife experience in the summer – it’s the Clara mega bar Tel Aviv . An amazing combination of a huge bar surrounded by comfortable places to sit, a dance floor, hammocks and grassy areas, all of which are near the water. Really near. In certain places you can feel the spray from the breaking waves. Amazing. It feels like a bar on a ship. A huge ship (it always reminds me of the Titanic and I feel the need to stand along the railing and spread my arms out to the sides). What a view.
The place combines chill vibes during the sunset with wild nights of house, electro and hip hop parties til the early morning. You can also order food and excellent alcohol.

It must be noted that the thrifty ones among us should drink at home before coming to Clara. It’s really, really not cheap. Beware of reserving a table, where you’ll have to order at least a bottle of vodka or whiskey at insane prices (upwards of NIS 400 per bottle).
The clientele changes each night. In general, the people are well-dressed and well-adorned (sometimes too much so). Sometimes the crowd is very young (22-25). One should follow the nightlife sites and check who is DJing and what type of music they’ll be playing. On Mondays, as part of the electro line, you can catch amazing performances by musical ensembles from Israel and abroad.

If you have guests from abroad, I’d suggest taking them to Clara. They’ll be stunned. There aren’t many places like it in the world, certainly not in cities that aren’t on the coast. And if you’re at Clara and you stand facing the water and look to your left, the view of Jaffa’s Old City, combined with the view of the open sea, gives you the wonderful feeling of being on a vacation abroad.
To sum up – amazing sunsets, fresh air, the spray from the waves and an impressive bar – all under the open sky. And just a quick comment to the owners – Nice job in selecting the bartenders. Very easy on the eyes (and professional, of course).
Clara – Summer Bar

Koifman 1, Dolphinarium
Phone: 03-510-2060, 03- 510-2059
Sunday to Thursday: 6 P.M. until last customer
Friday and Saturday: 4 P.M. until last customer

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