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Jul 19 2009

Dungeons and Dragons

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Last Friday some friends and I went out to The Cat and Dog. Turns out the place has an added space called The Dog. I’m still unclear as to the relation between the two. I just remember that there was a magical door, and one minute I was at The Dog and the next I was at The Cat and Dog. The places are connected, and it seems like you close your eyes and sometimes when you open them you’re in one place, and the next time you’re in the other place. Every time I went to the bathroom I felt like I’d gotten lost in a maze. Or that I’d arrived at The Cat and Dog or The Dog or the angry security guard who said something like “Not from here.” I wonder whether he was standing at the entrance to another place. They’ve got quite a network!!!

Anyways, The Dog is great. It has much more of a club vibe – it’s big and has a long bar, couches and an insane sound system. I’m not sure whether I actually heard the music or felt it enter through my legs.
Sahar Zangilevitch was awesome and the crowd (from what I was able to see, since the place was dimly lit) was great, and of course the line for the bathroom was very long…

So welcome to the new dog in town, and whoever goes there should take a map and compass, because it’s kind of complicated…

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