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Aug 24 2009

The Dog – Tel Aviv’s New Underground

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It might be a tad late, but we want to congratulate the “Cat and Dog” club, as they have a new baby named “The Dog” (how original…). An in-depth investigation into the matter reveals that it isn’t exactly the original club’s son, but rather a split from the “Cat and Dog” and collaboration with a number of other places in town.

“The Dog” is a hybrid between underground and club. It’s dark, mysterious and full of debauchery, with deep bass grooves that you feel entering your feet and spreading to your butt and brain. The club is pretty big, compared to its predecessors around town. It features a long bar, couches and bathrooms with very, very long lines.

The sound system is excellent, and as of late the best DJs in town (Shlomi Zidan, Sahar Zangelevitch, etc) have played there.

It’s unclear whether the place is open on a regular basis. Just perk up your years and try to figure out when they’re hosting a good party…

The Dog
Address: Carlibach 23, Tel Aviv

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Jul 19 2009

The Cat and Dog, Carlibach 23, Tel Aviv

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Woo hoo!!! Neither a cat nor a dog. The club should have been called “The Wolf and Sheep.” The descendant of the legendary Breakfast Club is similar to its father, but slightly less successful. The father had a sense of precedence, an excellent crowd, amazing house music and a lustful atmosphere. The son has all of these, but some of the charm has waned. Once again, dark stairs lead to a world of bass, drinks, caresses and long lines for the bathroom.

The sound and music can compete with any good club in the city. The best DJs in town take turns at the DJ booth during the week, while the best partygoers in town exchange sweat salts and other substances.

At times, the bouncers weren’t very strict and it felt like they were just trying to fill the place with whoever showed up. Recently there has been a sense of renewal and rejuvenation. The best bouncers in town stand at the door and make sure that only the finest get in.
On weekends it’s still hard to get in, and isn’t always recommended – it’s really crowded and smoky, and the lines for the bathroom and really long. I’d suggest going during the week, especially on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. The place is full, but it’s just right. The music is insane. And as usual, it’s unclear exactly how or why, but there’s not much going on before 2 A.M. Like it’s father, the son has a hard time explaining the “What the hell did you do at home until 2 A.M., and how the hell will you wake up for work, or anything else, in the morning?” phenomenon, but who really cares? This is Tel Aviv, and this is one of the places that characterizes it best. Every day, at any hour, there’s always something (or a semblance of something) going on.

In short, if you find yourselves tossing and turning in bed at 3 A.M. on a Tuesday or Wednesday night, or cruising around town aimlessly, and you feel like hanging out with good looking people and scoping the scene on Carlibach Street, this is the place for you. You’ll hardly ever be disappointed.

Prepare your doctor’s note, because you won’t be going to work the following day…
Open almost every night of the week from midnight to the wee hours of the morning.

The Cat and Dog
Carlibach 23, Tel Aviv

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