Jun 29 2010

RADIO E.P.G.B Underground Club, Shadal 7 St., Tel Aviv

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Radio E.P.G.B. is an ultra-hip underground club in the heart of Tel Aviv.
With it’s unique edge and alternative appeal, it’s the place to be for the who’s who of Tel Aviv’s art and fashion scene.
It is a sanctuary for music lovers and nightlife scenesters alike. The music lineup is always stellar and right on point, which makes the Radio a perfect venue for live performances by indie bands and musicians.

The name ‘Radio’ was brought about in an effort to ‘broadcast’ this unique content to the people, as well as to emphasize the club’s open line of communication with the city. Thereby, always moving and shaking with the times and trends. This sets the Radio apart as a true ‘tastemaker’ in the Tel Aviv nightlife culture scene.

Radio’s punk and rock roots are clear to see from the design of the place.
The amazing graffiti covered bathroom walls were inspired by the legendary C.B.G.B in New York City. While a collage of musically historic newspaper clippings creatively cover the walls of the club. Coupled with the elegant and classic design of the bar, all of these elements come together to create a warm and homey atmosphere.

But what makes the Radio stand on it’s own as a true trailblazer in the Tel Aviv nightlife scene, is without a doubt, the music. On any given night you’ll find one of Radio’s world renowned DJ’s playing a set consisting of indie-rock and updated indietronica mixed with classic punk rock.

What does E.P.G.B. stand for, you ask? That remains a mystery…

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