Aug 27 2009

Jajo Vino – Shabazi 47, Neveh Tzedek

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I see that my learned friend has described every wine bar that he’s familiar with, so here’s another one…

On Shabazi Street, in Neveh Tzedek, across the street from its father – Jajo (the hottest place for a date) – is a small place with a bar that can host up to 18 people, and another bar that faces the street. The place is called Jajo Vino, and it meets the high expectations that go along with its name.

 jajo vino

There is a huge wine selection – many wines from Israel and abroad.

They open bottles every day in order to sell wine by the glass, but choosing a bottle from the never-ending list, that will go well with the amazing cheese platter that they serve, is an awesome experience.

The owner of the two places is Oved Zetouny, who some of us remember from the Israel’s first crime series – “Yarkon District” – and has ruled Shabazi ever since…

It’s worth a visit and very pleasant on a Friday afternoon.

Jajo Vino
Address: Shabazi 47, Neveh Tzedek

ז'אז'ו וינו

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