Aug 27 2009

Poyke Tirza 14, Jaffa – Excellent Meat Restaurant

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One of the best and well-known restaurants in the city opened five years ago in a beautiful old building in Jaffa. The dishes are based on the slow cook “poyke” method – in a South African cast iron pot – in order to utilize the spread of heat and roast the steaks in the best possible manner.

Even the restaurant’s famous dessert – hot chocolate cake – is baked in a poyke!!!

So after many missed opportunities, I finally went to the restaurant last Friday. They are celebrating their fifth anniversary with a great deal – five double dishes + all you can drink cava for only NIS 220 per couple. That’s half off! It wasn’t hard to convince my wife – when she hears the word meat she starts running. I picked up two more couples and we headed over. We were there for four hours!! We didn’t want to leave. I think we left after the dishwasher went home. The food was \excellent and the cava flowed like arak at a Yemenite café. The pork, oysters, steak, fish and the amazing hot chocolate dessert were delicious…

Also contributing to the enjoyable evening were the lovely décor and the restaurant staff. There is a bar in the middle of the restaurant, around which the tables are situated. The lighting is gentle and intimate. There isn’t a heavy restaurant vibe. I’d really like to go back and sit at the bar for a drink or a meal. The staff is very nice, professional and pleasant, and is always smiling.

Despite the fact that we came for the fifth anniversary deal, glancing at their menu I noticed that the regular prices aren’t too steep.

So next time you want to sample some quality meat in a nice, relaxed atmosphere, sitting at the bar or at a table, head over to Poyke.

פויקה תל אביב

Address: Tirza 14, Jaffa

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