Aug 27 2009

Barbunya Bar – Ben Yehuda Street, Tel Aviv

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I’ve liked this little, wooden, very very smoker-friendly place for a long time…

It’s a hybrid of a local bar with really good food, and on summer days when it’s harder to digest meat (not for me personally, but in general…) it’s so fun to spend an evening, or Saturday after the beach (for those who can muster the courage to go to the beach and get mauled by the masses and the kids throwing sand…) at a side table or on the bar…

Yesterday, after I’d had enough of the air conditioner at home, I decided that I was hungry as well, plus it was time to give my electricity bill a break and go out to eat.

I met up with a friend at Barbunya Bar and before we even looked at the menu we ordered their mezes, including fresh bread and various tasty dishes like eggplant, tehini, beets, hummus, etc. And of course – drinks: Wine for her and Corona for me (probably the only place in town where Corona costs less than NIS 25).

We also got grilled asparagus, which was very nice, and then we moved on to the animals – an order of shrimp in garlic and olive oil and a plate of fried calamari – both of which were amazing.

We downed it all with whiskey and vodka chasers. So wonderful…

You can spend hours there, but we left – frozen by the air conditioner…

Keep it in mind for next Saturday, but also for a fun, early evening any other day.

Barbunya Bar
Address: Ben Yehuda 192, Tel Aviv
Phone Number: 03-527-6965, 03-524-0961

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