Aug 27 2009

Everything Starts at Rothschild’s Kitchen

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Last Friday, when I got home at 7:00 A.M. after yet another crazy night out, I remembered that only a few hours prior I’d been at Rothschild’s Kitchen, with a bottle of white wine (Chardonnay – really good!) thinking to myself, “How fun, another calm night in the city.” Calm – yeah right. Though the place is like a café/bar/relaxed restaurant, with a great menu and beautiful décor, under the surface lies the hidden potential for a lot of alcohol, a young, dynamic atmosphere, a young, professional staff, fresh air and a fantastic location.

I should note that it’s good to know one of the staff members or owners, because then you get surprise chasers…

Like I said – everything starts at Rothschild’s Kitchen… and ends somewhere in the early hours of the morning…

רוטשילד'ס קיטשן

Rothschild’s Kitchen
Address: Rothschild 73, Tel Aviv
Phone Number: 03-525-7171

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