Aug 27 2009

NG – Meat Bar and Restaurant, Neveh Tzedek

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When you walk into NG you realize that you need to clear your schedule for the next two to three hours. Turn your phone off and sink into the scent of excellent meat that surrounds you. And if you’re not careful, you may get hit by a smiling waiter galloping along with a huge tray of meat. NG has a winning formula that combines high quality meat, excellent boutique wines and a wide and diverse alcohol menu. All of these are available in a picturesque, European-style building with sexy and intimate lighting, a kind, professional staff and music that’s just right. All of these elements fit in perfectly with Neveh Tzedek’s romantic atmosphere.

The restaurant is split into two rooms, with a spacious bar and couches (or a “recovery corner,” as they like to call it) in between.

Don’t miss one of the Porterhouse dishes – 1.2, 1.4 or 2 kilograms. Yeah, that’s right! Don’t be scared, it’s good for a couple or for three people, and I’ve never seen a morsel of meat go to waste. Whoever is scared, the 800-gram entrecote steak is also excellent.

If you have a little bit of room left, and to make things a little easier on your stomach, we recommend ordering the house digestif – sweet, tasty limoncello that will warm up your entire body.

NG – Meat Bar and Restaurant
Address: Ehad Ha’am 6, Neveh Tzedek, Tel Aviv
Phone Number: 03-516-7888

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