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Aug 27 2009

Feel Like a Tourist in Tel Aviv – A Day at the Beach and Café Amy’s

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Sometimes I want to feel like a tourist in my own city, and the truth is that the momentary sense of unfamiliarity that I feel in my most natural and banal surroundings is exactly what I need when I crave excitement.

That’s what happened last weekend when I took a towel and a friend to the beach near the Opera Tower. Yeah, it’s not the best beach in Tel Aviv, but there are lots of tourists there who make you see the city through their eyes. Well, we didn’t actually talk to them, but we did listen, and listening to people on vacation is enough to feel a bit of a vacation vibe.

Later, when we were too hungry to think straight we found ourselves at Amy’s, on the corner of Allenby and HaYarkon streets. The place was packed full of tourists and we were the only Israelis there. What can I say? Awesome! Not only did we feel like we were abroad, the prices were reminiscent of India and Sinai, rather than Paris. We ate a huge gnocchi dish for NIS 25 and had two glasses of lambrusco for the price of one (two for NIS 18).

The cab drivers might screw over the tourists in Tel Aviv, but feel like the snooty restaurants on Rothschild screw the locals.

Café Amy’s
Address: HaYarkon 52, on the corner of Allenby 7

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Jul 19 2009

Dungeons and Dragons

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Last Friday some friends and I went out to The Cat and Dog. Turns out the place has an added space called The Dog. I’m still unclear as to the relation between the two. I just remember that there was a magical door, and one minute I was at The Dog and the next I was at The Cat and Dog. The places are connected, and it seems like you close your eyes and sometimes when you open them you’re in one place, and the next time you’re in the other place. Every time I went to the bathroom I felt like I’d gotten lost in a maze. Or that I’d arrived at The Cat and Dog or The Dog or the angry security guard who said something like “Not from here.” I wonder whether he was standing at the entrance to another place. They’ve got quite a network!!!

Anyways, The Dog is great. It has much more of a club vibe – it’s big and has a long bar, couches and an insane sound system. I’m not sure whether I actually heard the music or felt it enter through my legs.
Sahar Zangilevitch was awesome and the crowd (from what I was able to see, since the place was dimly lit) was great, and of course the line for the bathroom was very long…

So welcome to the new dog in town, and whoever goes there should take a map and compass, because it’s kind of complicated…

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Jul 19 2009

The Sublet, Again…

There are so many hot girls in this city, it’s unbelievable! All ages and all types, they come out at night, tan and delicately (usually) but impeccably made up, reapplying lipgloss before the shine fades… Wife-beaters and mini jeans skirts or light, colorful designer dresses… Just so you know – I’m a straight girl and am still impressed!

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the men in this city, who leave the house as if saying to their wives, “What? You think I’d leave the house like this? I’m just going to a friend’s…” And then they show up wearing jeans, a t-shirt and flip flops and still think they’re God’s gift to women… (aside from Itzik Zohar, who donned a loud blue-green button-down shirt… but still thinks the same thing…).

Yesterday I decided to go out early, to grab a seat at the bar… So I was already at the Sublet at 9:30 P.M., only to find a glass on each stool, indicating that it was reserved… Luckily Omer Gershon, the perfect host, found us two seats on the bar that we later realized was “the back of the bus” – or the athletes’ bar.

On my right were Erik Banado and his wife (again…), Hila Nachshon, Itzik Zohar (not together, obviously), Liran Shtrauber (in a vest!!!) and others that you might recognize but aren’t sure where they’re from and why they’re there. At 10:30 P.M. the place was packed, the music was great and people kept arriving, like there was no tomorrow…

Sublet Bar Tel Aviv
Koifman 6, Beit Gibor Roof, Tel Aviv, near the Dan Panorama Hotel, in the Textile District

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